Geo IP Blocking/filtering

Could you add to glasswire the ability to block ip’s of certain countries?

Something like this:

It’s possible, but geoip data is not always 100% accurate. Also today with so much content delivery network activity going on I think it would cause more problems than it would help.

Probably if you try to block certain countries may be problematic, bu if you live in Americas or Europe basically it won’t be problematic to block IP’s from Iran, Irak, North Korea, or even China.

Of course it would be an optional feature, for medium or advanced users but I think many of your users would appreciate it.
And since you are already Geo locating IP’s implementing the function should be easy.

No other end user firewall in the market has this feature so you will be adding some additional differentiation over the competitors


Once we get into host blocking we’ll consider this idea. Thanks!

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The now discontinued Emsisoft Online Armor firewall had this feature & it is one that I very much miss.

I would also really like a feature to block a country or or a specific IP like XX.255.255.255.

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