Geo Map location in the Enhanced User Interface

Hello, I was wondering why it shows me in the USA. When I look, I think it has to do with my LAN IP range being, every device is listed there in the USA.

Problem is, we live in Europe… When I use this same application on my laptop, it shows as expected in my country. So why on my PC is this happening? I’d prefer to see my country as the location of the center of the inbound/outbound.

I couldn’t seem to find any setting for this, so I’m at a loss as to why it is showing me there.

Hello brkuu, make sure you have latest version of GW, if you do then go to and explain to them with a picture. :grinning:

Hi @brkuu,

The location of a IP can change country. The database in GlassWire in only updated with each version release. So if you are using an older version I recommend upgrading to the latest version as recommending by @Batpup.

We are investigating solutions to ensure an up-to-date database can be updated periodically, however, until we have a solution please continue to upgrade to the newest version. You can switch on “auto-upgrade” from the settings section of the app.


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