Getting kicked out of an open network

I have a very strange problem, which only occurs when using an open Telekom-Germany network while traveling by train. When I have glaswire activated, I regularly lose internet access after about one or two minutes and shortly afterwards the WLAN connection to the network also breaks off. I can reconnect it but it will happen again. If I turn off the firewall from glaswire this doesn’t happen. Does somebody has any idea?
Edit: Windows11, latest Glasswire version, Premium

That is strange. The only thing I can think of is the Telekom-Germany Network is seeing Glasswire as a VPN and they may not accept VPN connections. The problem is GW is NOT a VPN, it monitors the firewall but doesn’t route the data like a VPN. Check your Firewall on Windows and see if it’s allowing Glasswire. Hope that helps. :grinning: