GlassWire 1.1.15b constant 50% or more CPU usage

Hi there,
I’ve been running GlassWire for about 3 weeks now on my Windows 7 machine. I love its features but I’m noticing that it (GlassWire.exe + GWIdleMon.exe) constantly is using up 50% or more of my CPU. Is there anything I can do to reduce CPU consumption to a more reasonable level?

Is so much of your CPU used when GlassWire is hidden in the tray? If so can you try completely uninstalling and reinstalling GlassWire?
We plan to have an update out in a couple weeks.

Glasswire uses 2.2 % of my CPU on my Win 7 Prof.although its the biggest user thats still not much . What is your CPU and how old is your system ?

Just curious derektom, which cpu do you have? I have been reading all these iffy posts about this product and have currently right down the middle about whether i wish to download this program or not.

Hello Edward,

GlassWire is free to try and it’s rare for the product to use a lot of CPU resources unless you have an extremely large number of network connections, for example by using applications like Bittorrent frequently.

I’m still considering trying the program out. I haven’t come close to stressing out my AMD 8150 8-core processor. Although I am very impressed with what I’ve read as far as customer service and your implementation of ideas into GlassWire, what I’m not so thrilled about was how I come to know about your product. 360 total security announcing that they had partnered with you to provide us with a firewall, when in fact you do not. It is nothing more really than a means to access what I already have. So in fact, 360 Total Security has really dropped the ball. I was really hoping for and led to believe that they coming out with a Windows Firewall replacement.

I think if you’ll try out our software you’ll discover why it’s more useful and interesting than a simple third party firewall. It’s easy to replace the Windows Firewall but doing so can add instability to your computer or cause serious security problems. Windows Firewall is carefully tested by Microsoft and used every day by a billion Windows users.

But there also probably some unresolved CPU related Glasswire issues or incompatibilities with other software and Glasswire, I think the problems with CPU usage that are reported here in forums might have nothing to do with real load, I have problems with Glasswire CPU usage since it’s first versions.

Ryberez, if you’re having this issue please email our helpdesk and we can investigate more closely.

If this were the case, then how is it that 3rd party a/v programs include their own firewall and are doing so well in the market? I’m not knocking your product, I am just trying to find out what is best for my pc as far as security goes… thanks

GlassWire is free to try.

OK Ken, I installed it… I admit I do like the easy access to my firewall features and ease of access to information. I have not spent a lot of time with it, but so far so good. I would like to know if the user’s guides could be made available for download in a .pdf format, that would be awesome. Thanks, and BTW, i posted to facebook and gave great review for GlassWire and 360 total security… unfortunately, a lot of my friends take my word for it, I hope this lives up to the big thumbs up i gave it!

Thanks Ken.

Ed Davis

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Thanks so much Ed! Our software is unique and difficult to describe without someone actually trying it. I’m glad you like GlassWire!

This issue was opened by me long time ago and it’s still unsolved, I posted update to that thread few days ago but there is no reaction but I think there is not point in opening new issue.

Ryberez, we just released an update today. Give it a try and let me know if it solves your problem. I’ll try to find your thread also.

Thanks for update, I will try it, this is the thread I ment, I forgot to mention the link in last reply, sorry for that GWIdleMon high CPU usage

I updated mentioned thread, I tried 1.1.21 beta - it seems that the problem is still there GWIdleMon high CPU usage