GlassWire 1.2.118 now available

GlassWire 1.2.118 is now available for download.

What’s new?

  • Fixed a bug that caused some GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite users to become deactivated in some unusual situations.
  • Due to requests from GlassWire fans, incognito mode now stays persistent after a restart of GlassWire, or after a reboot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mini viewer to not save its position with some dual monitor configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some GlassWire to crash if a certain kind of audio driver was used.

Very nice update. It seems like host IP addresses are available in more places in this new version. Thanks!

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incognito mode now stays persistent after a restart of GlassWire

little problem with that - it should be a option in the settings menu and not a by default action; I do not like perma incognito after a reboot

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Since updating remote monitoring doesn’t work anymore.
Reinstalled both client and server
recreated login info on server



We test the logon system before putting out an update of course. Is it possible some other change was on the PC? Is GlassWire blocking itself? If you leave your password blank temporarily does it work?

Here are some instructions to follow:

We did change the ports with a previous version a few months ago, but that was awhile back. Have you not done an update in awhile?

A firewall issue. Somehow the server ended classified as Private network with no remote access (noticed no RDP, no SMB too).
After disabling and reenabling rdp and sharing also Glasswire remote monitoring worked.

Very weird as I checked the firewall rules and there already was a rule allowing glasswire was in place and active before doing this, and the reinstalling of glasswire should have done the trick.
Anyway now it works.

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