Glasswire 1.38 Can't connect with server unless firewall disabled

I installed GW 1.38 in two new computers with W7U 64. Using default installation, i cannot connect both computers if the firewall is on. The same problem appears each new version. I just turn off the firewall and voilá! works perfectly, none extra configuration is necessary.

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When you say turn off firewall do you mean you turn off the Windows firewall via its own operating system interface separate from GlassWire, or do you choose “Firewall Off” in the GlassWire UI under the firewall tab?

Windows Control Panel > Firewall

Ken, i found solution. Please, send to developers, on install process, add TCP Port 7007 on firewall exceptions allowing connections to all networks (Private, public and Domain (if exists)). And if someone change default port, the programm should change on firewall too.

Thanks for reporting this. We should have better instructions for setting up remote monitoring.