Glasswire 2.0.1086 refuses to start


I’m a Glasswire 1.x user since many years, without any problems .

Now I installed ver 2.0.1086 over ver 1.x
( with reset windows firewall + clean install+ virusscanner off + reboot )
but Glasswire 2.x refuses to start.
Get the message "Attempt to connect to local server " 1…2…3
and after a few minutes …
“Glasswire service stopped running”

That’s it !

If I restart the whole procedure, same history.

I even cleaned up the Windows registry from all traces of Glasswire, before reinstallation
Nothing to do . Refuses to start.

What can I do ?

Best Regards



Do you use any third party uninstallers? It can cause this problem because third party installers often miss our driver.


No , I used the built in uninstaller .
No way to get it working , and i’m not the only one with the same problems, as I can see on the forum.
Upgrade to version 2.x , was not really a success…

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Please email me for instructions on how to enable custom logs so we can recreate/fix this.



Just a reminder on this, please email us with a link to this thread so we can send you a beta version to test.