GlassWire 2.0.84 released!

GlassWire 2.0.84 is now available.

What’s new?

  • Fixed a bug that caused our “Ask to connect” mode to work incorrectly for some users.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to crash when dragging GlassWire between two monitors.

  • Made changes to GlassWire to avoid false positives from Windows Defender.

  • Improved the upgrade process from GlassWire 1.X to GlassWire 2.X.

  • Solved a problem where some GlassWire users could not switch on the GlassWire firewall setting.

  • Updated the “Usage” tab so it fixes a problem that caused some GlassWire users to see incorrect usage stats.

  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Thanks for helping us find these problems so we could fix them and we hope you’ll upgrade to 2.0.84 soon!

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