GlassWire 2.1.137 now available with dark themes, plus detailed host info!

GlassWire 2.1.137 is now available for download! This major update has new dark themes (skins), plus detailed host info. To try the dark themes go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “skins”.

To see detailed host info go to the host you want to view info for under “usage” then click the host. A new window will appear. Now mouse over the three dot icon and you’ll see “search online”. You can then see detailed host info for any host you’re connecting to.

You can also find this three dot menu under most other places in GlassWire where hosts are listed.

Please try the update and give us your feedback.

Get GlassWire 2.1.137 now!


Give it a try and let us know what you think! Thanks for your patience on this long awaited update.

after the update the firewall started in OFF mode?! maybe something on my end but I’d wait for further reports

I like it! :heart_eyes:

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I always do a clean install of Glasswire during the upgrade and I have no issues. Also click on the Off button to turn it on.


Did you do a clean install, or just install over GlassWire? By default on clean installs our firewall is off.

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Thanks @TripleHelix for your feedback!

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did an install over the previous version


You are sure your firewall was on before? What OS version do you use? Thanks.

Anyone try the new host info feature yet? Any feedback?

it was on
Windows is on the latest public build


We’ll try to recreate this on our end, thanks for the information and report!

don’t hurry, I might’ve been wrong
I just updated it on my laptop and I saw the firewall off also, BUT! it was just the service taking its time to start

Love the new update, I did not do a clean install and my firewall has started as off (couldn’t turn it on too), after about 2~3 minutes it turned on automatically. :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work! would love to hear what you guys are planning for the next version! :smiley:

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Hi Ken
Love the new dark skin, very sexy, and nice on the eyes. You can then pick the different themes which adds the different colors one might prefer to use with the dark theme. As for the host feature i can’t comment, as i use incognito mode all the time. Will use the host when i can exclude browser traffic as mention in future feature request. Thank you, to the team for all there work :sunglasses:

Thanks for the nice work. The host page is also better than I expected. It will save a lot of time for many users.

The dark theme looks better than I expected. The only problem that I’ve noticed is that the three dot icon becomes invisible for me unless I mouse over it.

Three dot icon not visible in Night Neon Theme with Classic colours:

Three dot icon is visible with mouse hover:

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Yes. A passing mouse over could easily miss it.

Another visibility issue is that dark mode may be “too” dark in some instances. The scroll slider is not visible to me at all. Not a huge usability issue, but I would prefer that the slider be something similar to that light green(?) used for the three dot icon.


I agree completely the scroll slider should be made a lighter colour.


Thanks for your feedback.

Also something to note… if you choose the overall dark themes you can still choose different combinations below. I recommend to try the other combinations also and see if you can find a dark theme you like better.

For example choose “Neon Night Theme” then below it choose “Orlok & Ellen” to see what I mean.

If I change to any night setting and go to Firewall tab or Alerts tab the scroll bar is always a type of black.

This needs to be made lighter.