GlassWire 2.2.237 beta issues

I’ve found no major issues with the new beta.

The ability to set the graph scale is very, very useful. Thanks :grinning:.

I only found three minor issues:

  1. If I want to set it to 1MB then the closest I could get was 952KB

  2. The manual scale should be able to be different for each period. So I could have, for example, 1MB for 24 Hours, 500KB for 3 Hours and 100KB/s for 5 Minutes.

  3. The Mini Window has to be maximized to work correctly when the manual scaling is less than the auto scaling. As you can see in this example, the default Mini Window size only shows a solid block of colour:

The ability to display the Graph by Publisher is interesting but I can’t think of anything that I would use it for and I don’t remember a feature request asking for this. Have I missed something on this?


Thanks for these details!

The publisher feature makes it easy to find unsigned apps accessing the network. We are looking at adding the ability to block/allow by publisher for “ask to connect” mode, so we thought we’d try this first and see how much people use and like it.

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I have a some issues with this new beta. Too much cpu usage which means that it is looping. The interface is unresponsive after a standby or things alike. So it means it’s looping too.
This is happening on the same device we already diagnosed. So it’s under windows 10 pro bitlocker activated on a tablet hardware


If you go to your settings/appearance is GPU acceleration on? If so try turning it off. It’s a known issue.

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It wasn’t activated.

By the way it seems that your control server is having problems during root kit scan kaspersky

Now that Graph filtering by publisher is part of GW, I think it is interesting and informative, by using the dropdown arrows next to the publishers, to be able to see which specific programs are using that publisher’s certificate or are running with no signed certificate whatsoever.

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Yes, I am surprised when I will see yourphone.exe or something that Microsoft makes itself that’s completely unsigned.

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