Glasswire 2.2.241 keep crashing in Win10

I just updated to 2.2.241 the other day.
And it keep crashing and disappeared from the windows tray icon menu.
If i go to start menu and reopen it, it looks like first time opened but still disappear after a while
Where I can download the old version? Can’t find it on the website


I apologize for the issue.

Are you seeing any .dmp files on your desktop? If so could you send us that file using a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive?

Already sent it 8 files and 18gb in total

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Thanks. We will review the files.

If it takes long time to fix the problems then please provide the old version download option
Because even just a few days it’s really annoying

Having problems with latest 2.2.241… plz provide link to GlassWireSetup.exe for 2.2.210. Thanks!

Scan for Things worked perfectly in 2.2.210 but fails to return any Things in 2.2.241.


Please go to our download page, then “change list” and it’s listed there.

Only Version 2.1.167 is available for download not ver 2.2.210

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@doc In my case reinstall newest version with clean install did help solve the problems. Things run smoothly now

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I am glad it’s working now. Sorry for the issue.