Glasswire 2.2.241

I saw that Glasswire 2.2.237 was in beta some times ago.
Now I see that it is the default download version on the website (with no announcement on the forum…) is 2.2.241.

Question is, why is this version not advertised as available update on already installed Glasswire 2.2.210 ?

Two installs running, none of them got the update prompt.

Is the version still considerate as beta ?



We stopped doing update alerts due to the pandemic. We worried it could cause problems for IT people who could not access some computers in some office situations.

However, now that enough time has passed we plan to alert everyone to update on September 1.

2.2.241 is not a beta.

Thank you for staying up to date with GlassWire versions.

Thank you for the answer, makes sense :slight_smile: