GlassWire 3.0 for Android is now LIVE in Google Play for EVERYONE!

GlassWire 3.0 for Android is now available on Google Play. Update your phones!

We created a Blog post to explain how and why the app has changed. Please check out the Blog post and we appreciate your feedback so we can keep improving the app.

Please reply to this post and give us your feedback and future feature ideas. :+1:


Sorry, I moved this out of the “announcements” category so people can reply.

The shortest time frame is “Day” I used to be able to see the last 1 minute, 3 minutes and 3 hours. Would also love to see last 24 hours for times when my connection is timed by the 24 hours.

Also, i don’t see where i go to reset my data (this also used to be a feature).

I also like seeing the curve, as opposed to a bar which combines many hours of stats. I need to see which apps are starting and how their data consumption compares to other apps and when it starts and stops.

Are these things hidden/moved? Please tell me where to find them, or bring them back pronto, the app is truly worse without them.

Thanks for making an awesome App guys!!!


Yes, unfortunately Google has made the live graph impossible. Our Windows software has a live graph and this is what we’re all about! We’d always have a live graph if it was technically possible.

The Blog has the details

I can promise you this change was much more frustrating for us than you. It’s extremely upsetting to have to get rid of the live graph, but there is absolutely nothing we can do.

The good news is that the app is super light, super accurate, never gets killed, and the new firewall is rock solid. We added back kind of a real time feel with the bubbles feature, but the data it receives is going to be delayed a little depending on what phone type you have.


To reset your data you should tap the bottom middle icon and make a plan. You can then do whatever you want.

There is no clear history option because the new API we use to gather data comes from your phone. This data is already on your phone (it would be misleading for us to “clear” it), but for privacy reasons we show a trash can icon and no app name details when an app is uninstalled.

Unfortunately it’s a pity having to give up from live graphics. But in fact it looks like some kind of energy saving restrictions imposed by Android from version 10. I faced this issue in other app when I upgraded to Q, where instead of a live graph the application started to display one or two snapshots from time to time. Again, it was a hassle because I relied on that app to measure wifi signal strength and quality.
The solution you found, that bubble-like graphic, was an interesting way to get around the problem. Of course it doesn’t solve it, but for lack of better, it will have to be sufficient.
Another important issue is to maintain the app lightweight concerning battery consumption. I haven’t conclusive results yet, but for now GlassWire does not show up among the biggest battery consumers (under battery usage statistics).

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Well, I also missed the “5 minute”, “1 hour” frames, etc… But now if I select the “day” interval, I can see several vertical bars corresponding to a 3 hour period each. If I tap on any of those bars, a list is displayed below the graph showing the apps that accessed wifi and/or mobile data in that 3 hour frame.
Not the ideal solution, but if we think about energy consumption impact, it may be an acceptable compromise.
For me the battery consumption of any app is important due to the reduced capacity of my device battery.

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The updated app should use pretty much zero battery due to the way it’s designed, using the latest best practices.

Thanks! On a device equipped with an SD855 processor and fed with a tiny 3300 mAh battery, this is a really important characteristic.

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I use an app named WiFi Analyser (the icon is a cell phone screen rotated with the left edge turned a little away from you.)

It has no problems with live graphing. So it MUST still be possible.


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Do you know what Android version you have?

LOL, I searched Google Play for “Wifi Analyzer” and there were like 10 apps with that exact name so I was too scared to install any of them. Maybe I’ll try it later with our testing device. :slight_smile:

This is why I described the app Icon, so you could choose the same one I have.

I can’t do more right now, my phone is updating its OS

I use free open-source software that works great:

It integrates with Port Authority:

I think @Joschka is recommending this one which looks good too:

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May I ask what Android OS version you have?

I’m on Android version 9.

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I found with Android 9 our graph would work but it would be delayed a bit, randomly. But with Android 10 our graph could not function at all.

We will check out that app, thank you.

On my phone, it displays as the very bottom choice.

The maker is keuwlsoft. It’s version 4.2 and the icon is as I described it.

The icon is unlike any of the others.


We have now released two bug fixes since this initial release. If anyone was having problems with the previous version please give the app a try again.


I get these red dots above the bars on some days… What do those mean? I can’t find it anywhere and it doesn’t show up in any of your example images.


Tap the bar with the red dot for more info. It means a newly installed app has accessed the network for the first time during that time period.

We should make this more clear in our help guide. Thanks for your feedback.