GlassWire 3.2 Free: Settings > Security?

Does the Free version have access to all or any the Security features in Settings (Things monitor, First network activity, System file monitor, etc. etc.)?

If not all, which ones are accessible?

If all (or any, actually), very disappointing. These are amongst GW’s greatest security services and a primary justification of buying GW vs all the other Defender Firewall GUIs and enhancers out there


Hi @dallas7,

Can you please share where you found information alluding to this? We have not made any changes to the alerts notification section for Free users, which is the section you arrive to following Settings > Security, from previous version to the most recent release.


Hi Katie!

There was, at the time of the posting, no found information and no alluding to. Perhaps I didn’t spell it out quite right. I never ran the previous “free” version of GW which is what the trial version reverted to when it expired, hence my ignorance.

The FAQ read:
Can I use GlassWire for free, and what are GlassWire’s free features?
GlassWire 2.0 comes with a free 7 day trial so you can try out all its paid Basic, Pro, Elite features. After 7 days GlassWire will revert to its free version. The free version of GlassWire includes its extreme network monitoring functionality where you can see your live and past network activity in detail. You can also set Data Alerts to stay under your data limits, and scan your network related apps with VirusTotal. GlassWire’s free version also allows you to monitor one PC remotely. The free version of GlassWire has no firewall functionality, and none of our security features are activated with the free version of GlassWire.

In fact, that FAQ was the ONLY place where any mention of a free GlassWire existed. I had many times pointed out in forums that FAQ page, with “see the third question.” The FAQ has since been re-written.

In the menu GlassWire > Settings > Security, there are 15 security features from “Things monitor” to “Virus Total scan result.”

In the Free/Premium pricing page, two of the 15 Security items, “RDP Connection Detection” and “Evil Twin Detection” are listed under the free features. (Those two, and “Ask to Connect” are only three of the 15 listed under Premium. You should really list all on 'em.)

If all 15 are free, I would express my disappointment, as I said, these are amongst GW’s greatest security features and a primary justification of buying GW.

So, I am asking if all 15 Security features are now available in the Free version, or is it just those two?

Because, if so, why not go with free, configure all those 15 security features and run one of the many other free Defender Firewall rule GUI tools?

BTW, does Premium have a trial period? What happens when it expires??

That said, there’s nothing better than Premium, IMHO.


Hi Dallas,

Ok thanks for the explanation. No, you are correct only a couple of the security alert features are available for Free users. We are updating the features list on our pricing page.