Glasswire 3.3.630 causing high CPU in BFE

Hi, have recently updated to 3.3.630 and have noticed the Windows BFE and Defender Firewall under svchost is now running high at a constant 16+% CPU utilisation.

As soon as I stop the Glasswire service the utilisation of this svchost goes down to about 1%.

Didn’t notice this is last version.

Update, restarting Glasswire service and waiting about 15 minutes after initial svhhost utilisation subsides seems to have brought it back to a steady state of around 1% utilisation again. Have left open in case others see the same problem, or if it resurfaces over the next few days requiring manual intervention to resolve.


Have not had further issues since this post and subsequent updates have not caused problems. Closed as random anomaly specific to my system.