GlassWire 3 Android Beta Released Today!

Our complete rewrite GlassWire 3.0 for Android is now available as a “beta”.

Just go to our Google Play page with your phone, then choose the beta program to get it.

What’s New?

  • GlassWire is now completely rewritten from scratch with an all new backend, and a completely new user interface.
  • The app now uses almost zero resources.
  • GlassWire should now count perfectly with all phone types.
  • Try our new Firewall profiles. Set a profile for different network situations to save data.
  • The speed meter is back!
  • Show your plan on your notification.
  • Swipe back to see what data you used in the past on GlassWire’s graph.
  • GlassWire now has one free dark theme.

We hope you enjoy the update and we appreciate any feedback you have!


It was worth the wait. The app is excellent! There are still some minor issues (that I mentioned within the appropriate topic) which are expectable in a beta version.
I particularly enjoy the new user interface, the new dark theme and the speed meter feature in the notification.
However in my particular case I will not use the firewall feature because I need the VPN service assigned to another application, Android does not allow to use more than one VPN service running, and MIUI has already some kind of firewall embedded where I can grant or deny network access to individual apps. But finally I got the mobile data monitoring working, and this is the main reason why I chose GlassWire. I can finally track what each app does concerning mobile data usage, see how much data each application used and when it used it, and shut down mobile data whenever my data plan limit is about to be reached.
It would be a great idea to add an option to shut down mobile data when the limit is reached, but probably it is impossible to implement on non rooted devices; you can tell me whether this is possible or not.
Congratulations to developers.



Thanks for your feedback and kind words about the update.

I am not sure if it’s possible to auto-kill connections due to a data plan. I’ll discuss with our team.

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This version show hostnames same Windows Version?


No, it’s pretty much impossible unless you want our app to get killed every 10 seconds and fail to record anything. Android doesn’t allow apps that run in the background to do much anymore, sorry.

We agree it would be cool though! I wish it was possible also.

Concerning this beta version I noticed an issue. When I open the app one or more days after I opened it for the last time, the graph does not show the current day; instead, it shows the day when I penultimately launched the app. For example, if the last time I launched the app was March, 01 and I launch it again only today, the displayed graph is for March 01 and not for today. I need to tap the right arrow to fast forward to today.
I don’t know if this behavior is an issue or if it is deliberate.


Yes, we decided to leave it at the last position and then add the arrow if you want to jump forward in time. Do you think it’s awkward like this?

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Ah, ok. For me you may leave it as it is. I found strange because I didn’t see any information about this and I thought it was an issue.


Version 3.0.334r made available today on Play Store. Everything looks fine. Only a suggestion: although I can read English, a lot of users around the world can’t. I think it would be a great idea to release some translations.

I would like to update my review on Play Store accordingly, but it looks I have been blocked for some reason. I hope this is just a temporary malfunction.


It’s probably because you’re in the beta program. If you leave then it should let you update your review for the non-beta.

It’s definitely nothing we have the ability to do on our side.

To update your review you have to leave the beta. Just had to do the same.

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Personally I’m not interested in how much of my data is upload and download. I’d rather see how much of my data is wifi and how much is mobile data. I know I can switch between wifi, mobile and both, but in the “both” mode it would be nice to see wifi and mobile data in different colors like it is now for upload and download.



That’s an interesting idea. I’ll see if we can do it in a logical way that’s easy to understand, and I’ll discuss it with our team.

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YES, YESSSSSS A DARK THEME FOR FREEEEEE! my eyes and myself are grateful.

even though i am a bit late to the party; keep up the good work.