Glasswire Alerts

For the alert notices, how can the same device (same mac ID and IP) “join the network” twice at the same time?

I am not sure, it sounds like a bug. Please email us a screenshot if possible.

Hi Ken,

How do i send screenshots to you?
I have two separate screenshots taken yesterday 2 minutes apart. Please notice that there are 2 instances in one screenshot and three in the second. I put markings that show the pairs. I left in my IP and MAC seeing as though you work for Glasswire, correct? It is hard to show identical IP/MACs without them anyway.
Let me know if you have any thoughts. I do not think it is your App, personally.
Thank you,

Any suggestions from anyone…Ken? I sent email moments ago to bugs@ as you suggested with 2 screenshots.

Thanks! @scotchman21, our team will review the screenshots and see if we can recreate/fix this issue. I apologize for the problem.