GlassWire and Windscribe VPN

There seems to be a problem with GlassWire and Windscribe.

The connection stops after about 2 minutes. I have to reset my ethernet adapter to get back online.

GlassWire Elite 2.0.123

Sorry for the problem.

GlassWire makes no changes to the Ethernet adapter. If you uninstall GlassWire does the problem continue?

If I disable glasswire and stop glasswire service the problem stops.

Please try this and see if it solves the problem.

Tried it before, does not help.

Windscribe support told me to change connection protocol to UDP - that did the trick.

I use Windscribe Pro VPN v1.82, and the automatic connection mode uses UDP with OpenVPN. No issues here with GlassWire Pro 2.0.123.

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The problem seems to be with IKEV2. No problems with UDP OpenVPN.

I just left Windscribe Connection Mode set to “Automatic” by default, and it chose UDP. So have never experienced any issues. Good to know this though!

The Windscribe FAQ says this about IKEV2 : IKEv2 - Default connection mode, usually the fastest, but can be easily blocked.

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I’m glad it’s working now!

when i use windscribe the glasswire 2.1.152 restart and create file name GWIdlMon.exe.XXXX.dmp on desktop every time
i change automatic to manual for UDP and same problem


Lately most of the .dmp file reports we have seen were due to GlassWire’s database being corrupted. Is it important you keep your history? If not, if you try a clean install and reboot does it solve the issue?

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yes my history it is important , can i backup manually folders?


Can you update your Windscribe software first, then see if that helps?

If not here are directions with backing up your database.

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i backup my history and clean install
not fix:


windscribe its last update
not always create dump file
its not important to me this problem , i just want report it for debugging

Thanks. We will do a Google search for this software and try to access it and recreate the issue.

If you could email us the .dmp file using a cloud service like Google Drive it would be useful for our team.
Please link to this thread.

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Close this “TCP sockets” tick… Because this is the problem.


this is work , thanks !
work very well , connection mode automatic

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Not seeing this issue with Windscribe Pro v1.83-20. Using the latest GlassWire Pro v2.1.152.