Glasswire (Android): Getting Many First Network Activity all of a sudden

I have been using Glasswire (android app) for close to a year. For the past 2 days I’ve woken up to “First Network Activity” alerts from many apps from my phone, most of which I haven’t opened recently and which should not be accessing the internet. I know this isn’t really a glasswire issue but I was hoping to get some help or at least for someone to point in the right direction cause I am getting malware vibes from the activity reported
I have also noticed that the alerts begin at 23:40 and end at 23:57 on both nights


I saw something similar tonight on my Android phone due to an OS update. Could that be what happened?

Or maybe Google Play updated these apps? Most Android apps now have built in telemetry so the developers can know when you use the app, and what features you use the most (ours does not).

I just checked and i have all updates off. I dont think its its telemetry because i’ve had this apps for months and this is the 1st time they are attempting to connect to the internet out of the blue all at once and within a 20 min window before midnight 2 days in a row and including some system apps

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