Glasswire Android suggestion


Am huge huge fan of glasswire. Just love your UI and simplicity

Anyways, i was the first to install Glasswire for android, even uploaded it on apkmirror and android police.

App is amazing and has no counter part just like windows. Thank you so much dev :slight_smile:
Thing is here are the two points devs should consider:

  1. It completely misses out tethering usage. When i tethered my phone to PC via USB and used GB but glasswire couldn’t detect it.

  2. It gets auto shutdown randomly and then doesn’t track when it was off. Can you make it like ADM or uTorrent - always active and running and even greenfy cant kill it unless we give explicit order.

Thanks a lot Team Glasswire
Lots of Love,




Thanks for your kind words about GlassWire. Please consider a review if you feel we’re worthy.

  1. We will work on tethering. I agree it’s important to have.

  2. I haven’t seen this reported before. Do you use some cleaning software or some other software that could be shutting GlassWire down?

What device/OS are you using?


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I am on Vivo Y21L with Android 5.1 with custom and horrible funtouch os

Vivo bundle or rather throws on us in built clean master with no option to remove or disable it and it routinely closes the app.

However my point is that apps like ADM Pro and uTorrent hold on their own and are closed only if we physically exit them.

Humble request to make Glasswire like them.

BTW will it possible to block apps from accessing network from Glasswire itself maybe with root access for advance users?

Thanks a lot and keep us the amazing work.



It’s never a good idea to force keeping always open, also if we try to kill the process. It’s ok with download managers, but only with these apps.
Keeping app working when we destroy the app from the Recent App menu is ok, and GlassWire work fine like that.

Clean master, or killing process applications are the worst thing we can find in Android. Please don’t use that, the Android OS can optimize applications, system and battery by himself without useless Android process killers apps.
Try to disable this function on your phone.


Buddy I know that all. I am a android developer myself.

Right now glasswire doesn’t enforce the firewall like on Windows and it has to keep track of each and every byte of data spent on mobile. The way it works now on my mobile there is no way its tracking anything.
It works while app is open. but once in background, nothing.

And this is not about only my phone but all the vivo phones out their with horrible funtouch ROM

I asked many of my friends (rather forced them) to install glasswire but the way it doesn’t work, many of them uninstalled.

This app should have same or even more priority then any stupid system activity that runs in background because i can say that stupid google play services is not useful to me but GlassWire is way way more to me.

Right now its totally useless to me and with heavy heart i have to uninstall even though i am its biggest fan.

Unless i root my phone i cant even disable the Clean Master. SOB Vivo has seen to it. And i know what its doing to me aside from being a Chinese data stealing malware adware crap

Hope you implement something in future @Ken_GlassWire


Do you have dual sim cards?

Yes but only one is used and the other slot is empty but why…??


It’s a known bug with GlassWire (our first version) for Android where people with dual sims don’t see data. We’re working hard to fix it ASAP. Sorry for the problem.

Unfortunately… the new version hasn’t solved my original problem.

A “Persistent Notification” for glasswire that is not killable by cleaning apps like Clean Master, DU etc which routinely do in background.

Like the uTorrent app, you have to exit it through the app so that it was not killed by mistake or unnecessarily
But i guess my phone sucks :disappointed:


Sorry! We plan to improve the persistent notification in the future. A lot of people ask us to remove it completely, but we can’t due to the Android OS limitations. We’re still investigating a way to get around it though.


I have other data manager apps and I noticed that your app is rather light on permissions, which I appreciate, buy the other apps have:

  1. run at start up
  2. prevent phone from sleeping

Allong with other permissions. But maybe those would help with persistence. Also, people could initiate in battery settings, “not optimized” for battery savings or rather Doze.

I personally have not had any issues with the app on my htc m9 running 6.0 os. And thanks for giving us the new options in the last update. Helps to test certain apps at short intervals.

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Great ideas, thanks!

I wonder why the “prevent phone from sleeping” option would be useful? It seems like it would just be annoying and use all your battery.

GlassWire should run at startup.

Yes, Glasswire does run at start up. I personally have not had any issues, but I was commenting on what others had mentioned. So I looked at common permissions across a few of my apps and that we one of them. The actual permission is
"android.permission.wake_lock" But I’m not sure why the other apps use it, unless it’s to update periodically in the background. For now, I guess it’s not worth your time to mess with it. Here is a good article on how developer’s use it to schedule things for partial wake locks.

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Thanks for your feedback. Please try our latest Android update that’s a lot more solid.

Hi all,

I like Glasswire on Android, but I must report randomly auto shutdown (or close) too. I have Honor 7 Lite (aka Honor 5C) smartphone with latest firmware and latest Glasswire from Playstore installed. With previous firmware version (EMUI 4.1.2 on Android 6) Glasswire works as expected. After reboot is autostarted and notification icon never missed out. But on latest firmware for H7L (EMUI 5.0.1 on Android 7) Glasswire sometimes does not start after boot, sometimes starts but randomly is killed, but I dont know why. I have autostart enabled and select for “no close after screen is off” for Glasswire, but GW is randomly closed completelly. After GW close I take look on running services in Android Developer options, and no GW service is running (but if GW is not killed, there are one GW service).

I hope that you can find a solution to this problem.



Sorry for the problem.

If you go to GlassWire’s settings and set your update interval to “30” does it help? Does your phone type have a white list of apps that are allowed to run in the background? If so can you add GlassWire there?

If the problem happens again go to the top left GlassWire menu in the app and choose “send feedback” and send us a message about what happened and include the screenshot/logs the app will attach.


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Thanks for answer.

I have update interval set to 30 second, Glasswire is “whitelisted” in all possible places. Is taken out from battery optimisations and (for Huawei/Honor firmwares) is selectd for “no close” after screen off. But GW is even randomly killed by Android. I have other apps that start and run after boot (ProfileManager) and this app has in his settings “persistent notification” for prevent app from killing it by Android. But Glasswire does not have this option in settings.


We have noticed some Huawei phones have a feature that kills apps that run in the background. In your phone’s settings there is a way to “white list” our app so it will be able to run. Can you see if you have that setting with your phone and white list us? I apologize for the problem.

GlassWire does have a persistent notification as required by Google Play. Please also go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “send feedback” so we can see logs and investigate further.

Here is an article about how Huawei phones settings work for this feature