GlassWire Banned from Google Play

:rage: Gotta love the little legalities in life…

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Well, there’s always distributing the apk from your own channel, the good old fashion /download page.

Granted, that involves the dreaded “unknown sources” install/update but I hope that doesn’t deter your continued development and improvement. Many of your loyal users can handle that.

Good luck.

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Is there any way to download it anywhere offically, because I had glasswire on my device and now just on the same day when it got banned I uninsyalled it. Now I would like to have it again.

Thank you!

No, but we may start distributing the APK separately after this happened. Sorry.

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Good news, we’ll be back again on Google Play soon!


And we’re back!


nice, now release the Windows one :wink:

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It will be out shortly.

oh, thank for sharing info

The Windows update will be out Tuesday probably.

Hey um, I think it doesn’t support Android Jellybean 4.2.x? I’m a 4.2 user and I think this app wouldl be very useful for me and other 4.2 users if it was available for us. :slight_smile:

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OK, now I’m purchasing a license.

Thanks @mito_mito. Please leave a review on Google Play if you feel we’re worthy of one.


We can’t support that OS version due to the features we have. Sorry for the inconvenience, I wish we could!

if it was banned, how come it’s still there?

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It was recently unbanned. GlassWire Banned from Google Play

Hi all,

Someone else met the the same hammer with an icon pack apk. For Android O. Either it’s the name, Android O, or other people’s icons, no one is sure where the offense is. It’s no different than other icon packs. Must be some new policy that’s going to make lots of people upset.

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What a shame,but such is the problem with the os. Oh for a more open system!

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have you submitted an apology to the play team ? submit a new description in the apology and you should be up in 24hrs tops !
I will be happy to flag it when I’m in office (yes I work for google)

scratch that its all ready fixed XD

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@Sig_spring Thanks for your offer! Everything is good now, thank you. It was our fault so it’s OK.

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