GlassWire Beta Testing Group (Windows) - Want to join?

Service stopping constantly and firewall not working at all with current beta 2.2.184


Please be on the lookout for the next update.

Just bumping the thread for people who want to beta test next week.

A new beta will be sent out to the beta testing group this afternoon CST.

Hello everyone, a new beta version was just sent out by me. Please give it a try!!!

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running 2.2.194 beta, glasswire service appears to stop and has to be manually started but still does not connect to app until reboot, appears to happen when qbittorrent is running


May I ask how much memory you have?

If you go to the firewall and find qbittorrent and click its icon and then “more” and choose “Incognito” does it make any difference? It can be hard work for GlassWire to keep up with thousands of hosts simultaneously with bittorrent apps.

Do you see a .dmp file on your desktop? If so can you use a cloud service like Google Drive to email it to our helpdesk?

We’re planning a hostless version of GlassWire that will be out soon for bittorrent users. GlassWire’s job is to log hosts and when you connect to thousands simultaneously GlassWire can get overwhelmed if you don’t have enough memory.

Makes sense, dmps have been e-mailed as requested.

I have 64 megs of ram. I will attempt to put the app in incognito mode and attempt to reproduce after

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@maxatv Thanks! I got it and replied. Please leave the file up there if possible.

Just bumping this up there because we’ll probably have the final beta next week.
Sign up to test betas here:

A new beta was just sent out to the testers! Please let us know how it goes. This update should be very stable and we’re nearing a public release.

The beta testing went very well and it appears we’ll make a public release of this update next week. Thanks everyone who helped us test!

If anyone is reviewing this thread in the future, you can sign up to test here:

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Yes, i would! For sure!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

We plan to release a desktop beta update today. Please join the list if you’re interested in testing.

The new beta has some new fun features. People who dislike our auto-scaling will like it!

Does anyone notice anything else different?

We may be sending out a Windows beta test soon. Want to try it? Click the link above to be sent a GlassWire Windows beta to test.


We may be testing more soon. Please join the email list if you want to beta test by clicking the link below.

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I am preparing to send out a beta update to the testing group that’s hosted on Dropbox. The installer uses a new certificate so you’ll have to click “more info” to install the beta.

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Beta installed and all looks good so far. Will monitor and advise with issues.

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Great! Please let us know if you run into any issues so we can fix them before the public release.