GlassWire blocking Anno 1800 Connection

Everytime I startup Anno 1800 to play multiplayer I need to quit again and switch the firewall to off. Otherwise it won’t get any internet connection.

I also have no rule to prevent access for Anno nor do I have any popups regarding to any Ubisoft service.
I can say that because I only have a bunch of programms blocked.

Anything else I can do or do you need to fix?


Sorry for the issue. Is this a Windows Store game, or do you download it separately from the Windows Store?

Are you in “ask to connect” or “click to block” firewall mode?

It is downloaded separately and it is in ask to connect mode


If you switch to “click to block” does it make any difference?

No, “click to block” doesn’t let the game have any internet connection aswell

In windows firewall I found an old entry from GlassWire with anno1800.exe.

This entry is NOT listed in the glasswire UI. Is this a bug?

Deleting this entry helping in getting back internet connection to Anno 1800.

Question is why there are more entries from GLassWire in the native Windows Firewall then in GlassWire?


Strange. Have you used any other firewall software lately or in the past? If so it can conflict with ours, so perhaps that is what happened.

I can suggest a clean reset of our firewall if you’d like to try it?

Before doing so though, if you switch our firewall to “Off” does the game still have issues? If so it may not be related to GlassWire at all.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.
REBOOT - Please don’t forget this step.
Remove any other firewall apps if you don’t need them. If you want to keep them, then keep our firewall set to “Off” and never turn it on and only use that other firewall for blocking.
Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.
Install our latest version and check “reset firewall”.

Indeed I had another firewall management software installed before I installed GlassWire. But if I turn GlassWire FW to off then it is working.
As I figured out the wrong entry I will just delete this entry and now know where to look at. Thank you for your assistence.