GlassWire blocking apps its not supposed to block

Hey there.

GlassWire keeps blocking apps its not supposed to block. I switched from “Ask To Connect” to “Click To Block” because I noticed that GlassWire simply blocks apps that start prior to GlassWire itself. I usually start Spotify first, thus my Spotify never had internet connection and appeared on the list of blocked apps within GlassWire. Removing it from that list didn’t fix things, I had to manually grant internet access via Windows Firewall.

Now with Click To Block, things have been better, but lately it’s been an issue again. Apps like Spotify and Netflix for Windows are reporting no active internet connection. Yesterday I added both apps to my Windows Firewall and granted access, today those entries are gone again. Restoring Windows Firewall defaults has not solved the issue either.

Sadly this prevents me from using the GlassWire firewall any further until there’s a working fix. My GlassWire is always up2date, currently running GlassWire Elite 2.2.241 on Windows 10 Pro N 2004 (Build 19041.508). This issue has been around for both various GlassWire and Windows versions.


Are you using another firewall software simultaneously with ours?

Are you rebooting your PC often? GlassWire only blocks apps automatically sometimes if GlassWire is in “Ask to connect” mode, and our software is not running for some reason. Usually it’s a very rare situation like when Windows is starting up and the app decides to connect just then.

No, I don’t use any firewall or anti virus software packed with firewall features alongside GlassWire.

I rarely reboot my PC, I just boot it in the morning and shut it down at night.

Yeah, I noticed the blocking behaviour in “Ask To Connect”, especially when my DB was huge due to 18+ months of history, which is why I flushed the DB and switched modes, and for some time I didn’t have any issues. Sadly the behaviour is back even without me switching back to “Ask To Connect”.

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