GlassWire blocking Minecraft dungeon

Hi, i have GlassWire set on ask to connect. I’m trying to play Minecraft dungeon windows 10 edition from the windows store. But GlassWire is blocking its connection somehow and it’s not showing in the list of apps…

if I turn off GlassWire then I can connect with the game server. how do I whitelist Minecraft dungeon when I don’t get a notification and can’t see the program in GlassWire?

If I put GlassWire on click to block then it’s working. I can connect to the game server just not with having the firewall on ask to connect.

how can I get it working on ask to connect?


Thanks for your feedback. We will try to recreate this so we can fix it in a future update.

Hey, i have the same issue.

It seem to block all games by microsoft studios, as the windowsapps folder it installs to is protected and i assume Glasswire is also denied read and write permissions to live running executables.

Latest Elite edition.

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GlassWire doesn’t block by publisher. It’s more related to some Windows Store UWP apps and games.

It’s like you read the first few words and discarded the rest. But yep.

None of it show up in glasswire apps tabs, no allow popup either.

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A couple of UWP apps (it does seem to happen mostly on Microsoft games) just don’t show up in GlassWire and can thus not be allowed to communicate in “ask to connect”.

In the Windows 10 Settings app if you go to Network and check the data usage for the network these apps show up correctly so it should be technically possible to do this.

Alternatively, it would be really useful if GlassWire could be upgraded to also include a virtual network adapter (kinda like a VPN) which could match connections to what it collects internally and show a special entry for “Unknown” network traffic.

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We think we have found a solution and we are working on it.

I am not sure I understand the virtual network adapter idea. I think our driver kind of already does this but I’m not sure?

Glad to hear you have a vector for a fix. Please keep us posted. :slight_smile:

I am not sure how the current driver works, does the driver allow for an option to monitor and log all network packets, not just the ones that can be associated with an executable?

I believe it monitors all network activity on the PC regardless of the executables. Do you mean like a “promiscuous mode” that monitors the entire network outside the PC endpoint?

I am talking about a function where it still shows traffic that can’t be matched to an executable, for example in the case of the UWP apps mentioned in this thread it simply doesn’t show traffic from them when in click to block mode. Having a function that shows “unknown” traffic would be a great fail-safe and troubleshooting feature in these cases.

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GlassWire shows traffic from UWP apps. I just confirmed with our team that it should.

Email us details or message me what you’re seeing exactly and we’ll investigate. Maybe it’s something we can change or fix for you.

You said you found a fix for it above “We think we have found a solution and we are working on it.” so maybe it works because you are using the development version? It doesn’t affect all UWP games, just a few, mostly from Microsoft Studios, and a few where just authenticating with the Microsoft account is affected, but this has already been discussed in the original post in this thread.

My suggestion is intended as a fail-safe in case an update or something new causes a bug like this again so that traffic is still monitored (such as for bandwidth limit) until you guys release a fix for GlassWire.


Is this going forward? Clients still nagging me about it.


The fix won’t be in this next update, but the one after.

Everything seems to be in order now.