GlassWire blocks Skype. Skype is not in the list of blocked apps. What's wrong?

GlassWire blocks Skype. Skype is not in the list of blocked apps. What’s wrong?
Skype opens, but doesn’t connect. When i disable GlassWire Skype connects normally.
GlassWire has been installed for the first time 2 months ago. I have the latest version.
Win 10 Pro 64x.

The list of blocked apps attached.


I don’t see Skype there as blocked. I just launched Skype as part of Windows 10 (the built in version with Office I think) and for me I get an “Ask to connect” window.


Do you use only GlassWire as your firewall or do you have a secondary firewall by chance?

GlassWire is the only firewall in my system.
Skype is in active apps list. I remove it from there, start Skype again, press Yes on Allow tab. Skype doesn’t connect.

Skype - yes - active

Skype does not work


OK, I see I use a different version than you.

I see you said that Skype is in the active apps list. However, if you look under “inactive” apps at the very bottom is it there also by chance? Could you click the grey x next to it if it is, then re-launch it and see if you get the “Ask to connect” window then?

If it’s not a major issue could you uninstall Skype in add/remove programs, then download the latest version from the official Skype website and re-launch it and see if that solves it?

Unistalled Skype
Removed SkypeApp from the Active apps (it was only there)
Reboot the comp
Installed Skype for Win 10 from the Store
Allowed connection to s-0001.s-msedge dot net:443 (can’t post links)
The problem is not in Skype or Windows. The problem is in GlassWire.


Sorry for the issue. I saw on your list of apps you had Word, Excel, etc…

Question… if you type “Skype” into the Windows search bar do you see the Office version of Skype appear or is it not installed on your PC? I thought perhaps an easy solution might be to just use that version.

I will report this issue to our team and we’ll try to reproduce this and fix it. On my own PC Skype would launch “Ask to connect” but I seem to use a different version than you.

I have Skype for business, but i have never used it.
When i type Skype in Windows search bar i see only “Skype” and “Skype for business”.
I tried to sign in, allowed new network access, but it doesn’t accept my username because a haven’t got account for Skype for business.
Skype for business address


That’s unfortunate. I had no idea Skype for Business could not use normal Skype accounts. I did some searching around and that’s shockingly true!

We’ll test more with Skype and see if we can recreate/fix this issue. Thanks for your detailed report and I apologize for the issue.

I have removed all apps from the Blocked list and rebooted PC. Nothing changed — “Skype error connection”.
Then i installed Skype for Windows downloaded from Microsoft website, not Skype for Windows 10 from Store.
It works!

I have quit from GlassWire, started Skype for Win 10 and… it still does not connect. It looks very strange. About 2 weeks ago it connected after i stopped GlassWire.

Anyway now i can use Skype. The problem is solved.
Skype - For Win 10 and For Win

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SkypeApp and Skype are different apps. Did you know?
Skype connects to another address.
Skype for Win allow OK

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No, I don’t know much about Skype. Sorry. It sounds like everything is OK now?

In general, yes. I will watch.
Thank you for quick responses.


If you are using Office 365 Skype is included in that also, Blocking certain parts of office which I noticed toy do could cause an issue. I.E. the heartbeat that maintains your office license. ,Could be the office telemetry dashboard data or similar. I would try unblocking them temporarily to check.

Good idea, but i have already said above that i tried to remove all apps from Blocked in GlassWire. It did not help.
I’m using Office 2019.

In case someone in the future is reading this, I believe @Mo177 found that the desktop version of Skype for Windows 10 works fine with GlassWire. The business version also works fine.

However, in the past Microsoft had some “app” versions of different apps built into Windows for Surface tablets and other touch screens and @Mo177 had this issue with that type of app. So the solution might be to use the full desktop version of Skype that you can download directly from the Skype website.

I have tested Skype for Windows 10 (SkypeApp) built in Win 10 Pro on my laptop with GlassWire installed and it works fine. It was not necessary to download Skype for Windows.
Now I don’t know what was the reason of Skype for Windows 10 (SkypeApp) connection problem on my desktop PC. But the solution is to download Skype for Windows (not Skype for Windows 10).


It;s quite common especially if you use a VPN or Proxy to connect. The SkypeApp, is it signed by Microsoft? I believe it’s a third party app but not 100% sure because I really avoid those apps.