Glasswire cannot detect Google Drive Uploads

This is regarding Free Version of Glasswire on Windows 10 x64.

I am using the free version of Glasswire, and it doesn’t account for the upload traffic when I upload files to Google Drive using Firefox. For example, even when I am uploading a 4GB file to Google Drive at about 65Mbps, Glasswire shows Upload Speed to be about 10Kbps. Other monitoring systems like Windows Task Manager or 3rd party solutions detect the upload speed properly. Is it specific to my system, or is it a known issue?


That sounds very strange. We use a Windows API to detect network activity and it’s the same API the task manager uses.

Is it possible your GlassWire has made your browser “Incognito” or perhaps you are missing the traffic another way? Go to our graph/apps to double check, and also check “usage”.

There isn’t really a way for us to miss traffic somehow. Especially for such a commonly used app.

Here are the screenshots, if they are of any help. Is there any log file which I can check to diagnose the problem?


When the 4GB file is fully uploaded can you check your usage and see if it shows approximately 4GB of data there?

I think this may just be a misunderstanding about how GlassWire’s graph works. We are a historical network monitor that shows different time periods of data. Details are here on how to read our graph.

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t account for any traffic to Google Drive. It’s a bit strange. The real-time graph as well as the cumulative graph behaves normally otherwise, except Google Drive servers.

Is it possible the file was uploaded locally to another device with Google Drive? Is your usage tab set up to show both local and external traffic?

Yes, and yes. I think this is a problem with my particular scenario, though. I uploaded files to Google Drive with Google Chrome, and Glasswire detected it just fine. With Firefox, however, it simply refuses to work. Probably a weird edge case.

And just to be sure… if you go to your firewall tab does Firefox have a glasses icon like this? If so the app could be in our “Incognito” mode that purposely excludes data/traffic from that app in your stats.