Glasswire can't connect to local server


after pc format I installed glasswire, and when i run it, i see only “connecting to local server”. After 1 minute, i see statement “The Glasswire service stopped running”. What can i do?



Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire. Please don’t use a third party installer to uninstall, because it will leave our driver and cause this problem to continue.


Download GlassWire from and check the box in the installer “clean install” and let me know your results.


unfortunately it did not help, but i when install Glasswire, I saw in install log “Glasswire service cant start because other service is stopped”


I had the same problem starting with Ver 2.0.78. Ver 1x worked flawlessly since I purchased the license Apr2017. After reading Remarks in related Topics, it seemed that Services was where the issue might be. I then found the Dependencies for GW’s service namely Base Filtering Engine & WLAN AutoConfig. The Base Filtering Eng was Running, but the WLAN AutoConfig was not. After Manually Starting the WLAN AutoConfig (Svc), Glasswire immediately started running.

My question to Support is: Now that I changed the WLAN AutoConfig service to “Auto-Start”, will that effect anything else on my pc? I’m using an HP Z820 desktop, running Win7 64. There is no Wireless Adapter in this pc which seems to be the focus for the WLAN service.



We have put out a fix for this problem. Please try 2.0.105.

Please let me know your results.


Hey Ken,
Thanks for the quick response. This morning I installed 2.0.105. Except it couldn’t “connect to the server” again. Went into Services and Manually started WLAN Auto&Config. This time Glasswire DIDN’T run. Don’t know what happened, but I ended up Uninstalling Glasswire, rebooting, removing the “ProgramData” & “AppData” Glasswire folders as you mentioned in other threads. Then doing a “Fresh” install of 2.0.105, as you also mentioned.

This time Glasswire started (same as before) trying to connect to the server. After starting the WLAN AutoConfig service again, Glasswire took off running, Yea.

Hoping this solves the problem.
Regards, John



I have shared this info with our team, thanks.