Glasswire causing decrase in battery life

After the answer I got in my last post, I began experimenting with incognito mode. Besides solving my problem, I noticed that entering incognito mode increases the battery life on my laptop by anywhere from 20minutes to doubling battery life (around 1hr increase). Thought I should let the Glasswire team know that running GlassWire under normal mode puts a major hit on battery life.

What type of hardware are you using? I travel quite a bit with my notebook and I haven’t seen anything like this.

Windows 10 64bit, newest glassware build.
Geforce 920m
8GB ram
1tb HDD

Were you running Bittorrent also?

I use BitTorrent sync.And a few other programs that have a low but constant access rate (windows 10 features). Could those cause it, and is there a way in the free version to not record those programs.

Bittorrent contacts an enormous number of hosts simultaneously, so it will use a lot of resources. GlassWire also has to use a lot of resources to keep up with all the hosts unfortunately.

One free option is to use Incognito mode in GlassWire.

Is there a way I can block individual hosts in the free version?

GlassWire currently doesn’t offer host blocking.

My apologies, I typed in the wrong word and changed what I meant. What I meant was can I get GlassWire to stop logging just one program?

We have the ability to hide one or several apps from the graph, but it still keeps the data so you can unhide it and access it. To block all data from being recorded you can use Incognito mode at the top left GlassWire menu.