GlassWire client connection

Remote connection alerts need to be improved. Here’s three issues that I have found

1. Report an attempt to connect to the server computer.

GlassWire locks me out for 30 minutes on the client if I make too many attempts to connect as a client but there is no alert on the server that any attempt has been made. If it is important enough to enforce lockout at the client then it is important enough to have an alert on the server.

2. Timestamps do not match on the server and client alerts.

When I connect to a remote server I get this message which appears to timestamped for the first time I try to connect to that server: (EDIT: I now realize that this is simply that computer connecting to the computer and not the time it attempted to remotely connect to this computer. It doesn’t change the need for an alert at an attempt to remotely connect from another computer.)

The remote server shows this message which is timestamped when I successfully connect:

There should be matching timestamps to make reconciliation easier. That probably means an additional alert on the client and on the server so there are two pairs of matching alerts.

3. Alert message text is too different on the client and server

With reference to the two screenshots for issue 2, the alert messages are different for establishing a remote server connection.

The client says “First network connection initiated” with the application “GlassWire” . This is just like any other application.
The server says “GlassWire remote client connected”.

I would prefer the client to say “GlassWire remote server connected” or similar. It will be more obvious what is happening and it will be easier to reconcile the alerts at either end of the remote connection.

We will investigate and perhaps implement some of these ideas for 2.0, thanks!