Glasswire Connecting To Piriform server!


I noticed that GW is always connecting to license(dot)piriform(dot)com. Why it needs to connect to this server/domain?

Hi, can I get some reply from support please. I cannot use this software unless I know what is going on here. I don’t want Glasswire to constantly send’ and receive data back and forth from this server. It is known to be linked to hacked CCleaner software and I NEVER had any software installed from Piriform.

Can I please get a reply? There is no way of getting support elsewhere and I need to get some answer. Where can I post the image so you guys can see what I am talking about?
Link are not allowed here? Why?

You can upload image directly here. No need to link it

No response to a simple question of why GW needs to connect to piriform server? My renewal is coming soon so unless I get a response from GW, I don’t think I’ll be renewing my subscription for another year. I am really fed up with companies treating customers as nasty rodents asking questions YET demanding money for their products.

well let see, GW does Antivirus also, and it happens that Piriform is a sub-company of Avast Co., which is a large AV software co…so its likely that the AV protection on GW is actually a licensed component of Piriform/Avast (library, API, whatever), and its somewhere in their code, and its doing a license check.
seems pretty harmless to me, i wouldnt sweat it