Glasswire connecting to USAISC? (army) (solved - it doesn't)


When I just checked the Glasswire app I noticed that this service: “Glasswire Control Service
connected to the USAISC - Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.

This service connects to these IP addresses. check out with the abuseipdb website
UPDATE: IP typo, 55. should be 52. which is Amazon AWS

Besides these IP addresses, it also connects to

  • activate-dot-glasswire-dot-com
  • update-dot-glasswire-dot-com
  • www-dot-glasswire-dot-com

Why does it connect to the USAISC IP addresses?


UPDATE - In the original post there was a typo with the IP (reversing one number). GlassWire doesn’t connect to military servers.

55 should have been 52 in his post.

GlassWire doesn’t connect to the Army or USAISC servers and we have no relationships with any governments through funding or any other ways. Also none of our employees have worked with or for the governments of any countries.

We have never received a national security letter or anything similar, and we do not have access to your network usage info because it’s stored on your PC or phone, and never goes to our servers.

We are based in Austin, Texas USA

We do connect to our own servers hosted on AWS, that’s true. It’s to check for updates and to update our suspicious host list, and of course the “activate” server is for activation of our paid version. If you don’t like it please make GlassWire block itself under its own firewall. We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking, so you can see in your firewall rules when GlassWire blocks itself that it’s really doing so.

“After installing GlassWire for the PC you may notice on GlassWire’s graph that GlassWire itself contacts around once per day. GlassWire for the desktop checks for software updates that may contain important security fixes and also updates its suspicious host list. GlassWire can block itself from accessing the Internet however if you do so then you may not know about important software updates and your suspicious host list may no longer be up to date. Please note our suspicious host list does not come from GlassWire users. We can never see your network data. Our mobile software does not contact at all because it has no suspicious host lists and it updates through the Google Play Android store.”

Is it possible you have some unusual changes to your host file that could cause you to contact these servers? Or is it possible your network is configured in an unusual way that could cause this?

Could you message or email us a screenshot of why you think this is so? Does GlassWire itself show this or where do you see it?

Sometimes with AWS hosts move around and can resolve differently. Could it be something like that?

Hosts file: nearly empty, not changed in years
Will email screenshots.
AWS hosts move around? Don’t know.

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Thanks. We’ll check your screenshots and see what we can figure out.

We found there was a typo from your screenshots and replied to your email. You reversed one number in the IP (a 2 with a 5). When the number is correct it shows AWS as it should.

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Apologies for scaring you (and possibly other users) :slight_smile:

It was indeed a typo. I double checked with all the previous screenshots that I took and they all started with “52.” and not “55.”.

Glad we found the problem: BKAC
(between keyboard and chair)


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No problem. Better to be safe than sorry! :+1:

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