Glasswire Continues to Crash Regularly

Glasswire Crashes Regularly. This thread is intended to alert customer support about errors similar to those reported two weeks ago by @paulderdash. The link to that thread is here:

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I’ve taken the steps suggested by @Katie_GlassWire, which was to upload two DMP files (one of which is 195 MB, the other is 60 MB) to cloud storage, in this case Proton Drive, and send the links to [OOPS. New Users Are Censored] with the subject listed as FAO Katie to ensure it eventually gets where it needs to go.

I looked at the largest DMP file. The error message I’m seeing is: “(NTSTATUS) 0xc0000409 - The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application. This overrun could potentially allow a malicious user to gain control of this application.”

The Failure Bucket ID states: “FAIL_FAST_FATAL_APP_EXIT_CPP_EXCEPTION_c0000409_GlassWire.exe!Unknown”

In fact, for some reason, I didn’t even get an alert that Glasswire had crashed. So, I did a CLEAN installation with a fresh download (3.3.499.0), and still receive these errors seemingly at random.

I noticed that Paul had asked in the above-mentioned thread for an update, since the issue is continuing for him as well. And that was nearly two weeks ago. Please provide us with an update regarding the progress toward a fix, especially considering the gravity of a potential security threat involved.

Thank you.

I can confirm I continue to get the .dmp’s almost every night, overnight.
I do not know how to look inside the .dmp files to see if I have the same error messages.
But what I do notice via Alerts is that the Publishers of apps have been reset to blank and Versions to 0.0, then back to their rightful values on restart.
I can send further dumps to Google Drive if necessary.
Katie_Glasswire did acknowledge the first two dumps I sent, and that she had passed them on to the engineers who would investigate - but no feedback yet.
It is a relatively recent development, on one machine only (I have used GW for years on several machines), perhaps since 3 or 4 versions ago?

This is probably an isolated issue, which will make it hard to identify the cause. Even Paul indicates that it only affects one of his machines.

Not having any issues here with GlassWire crashes.

Probably need to wait for the devs to dig through the dumps for clues…

I’m beginning to be concerned about this issue, especially since others are reporting hash mismatches. I also checked to see if customer support downloaded the dump files I shared with them via Proton Drive. They haven’t!

Nevertheless, I’m adding some more information today. I’m able to replicate a Glasswire crash at will. Perhaps others with a similar setup can confirm whether they experience the same issue. I use Cloudflare Warp regularly. The only time I disconnect from it is when I use a more robust VPN. Ordinarily, I never experience any problems disconnecting from or reconnecting to Warp or any particular VPN.

Today, I’ve noticed that Glasswire will crash every time I reconnect to Warp after using a VPN. Anybody trying to replicate this should be sure Warp and Glasswire are both operational. You can leave Glasswire open if you like. Disconnect from Warp. Then as soon as you click the button to reconnect to Warp, Glasswire will crash.

Similarly, which is likely why I didn’t notice sooner, but if Warp is on when the computer starts up, Glasswire (which is set to engage on startup) will crash. And unless you check, you’ll never notice it. Unfortunately, since customer support hasn’t replied, or even looked at those dump files, it doesn’t make sense to send them any more. Hopefully, somebody will give these issues some attention.

Hi @Wicked_Engineer,

Thanks for sending the dump file. I will ensure that our team investigate.