Glasswire Control Service CPU usage

Symptoms: After running glasswire for sometime (over 48~72 hours), the glasswire control service will shoot up its CPU usage to 3% on a 9900k, normal service usage is under 0.5%. Exiting the glasswire app normally (right click and exit) DOES NOT shut down the Glasswire controls service app, and CPU usage remains 3% unless I restart or force close from task manager.

This occurs on both the normal GW and lite version. Been having this issue for a loooong time. My glasswire are always updated to the latest. If I reinstall the glasswire this symptom will be supressed for a few days before reappearing again.

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Sorry for the issue.

My own GlassWire will run at around 3% if I am actively using the graph, sliders, etc… is it possible that’s what you are doing when this happens?

I think 3% of CPU usage is pretty reasonable.

As I use GlassWire now actively I look at the task manager and the task manager itself shows it uses around 3% CPU when it’s actively used.

The 3% is when it’s in background. The problem is, under normal circumstances the cpu usage is only under 0.5%. So it’s really strange to suddenly surge up to 3% after I been keeping my PC on for a long period of time. The cpu usage will immediately drop if I reboot or reinstall. If it really need to use 3% then it should be using that much no matter what I do. Or maybe some heavy traffic is going through my computer after 40 hours of on time or when I turn on my PC from sleep? I can’t be sure, don’t see any serious active connections in glasswire though. I know 3% isn’t too much, but hey, if it can keep the usage down below 0.5% normally, the sudden 3% is something to bother me.

I have found that when something like this happens I can go to the GlassWire graph, then choose “apps” during that time period. There is usually some kind of complex network activity that GlassWire has to keep up with happening at that time.

But GlassWire Lite should not have this issue, so I am not sure why it would happen with both. CPU usage increases with GlassWire are usually due to the app having to log thousands of simultaneous host connections with an app like Bittorrent, but with GlassWire Lite no hosts are logged.

If you find something under the graph please let us know. Meanwhile we’ll work to try to reproduce this issue on our side so we can continue to improve our resource usage in the future.

Same here, I just noticed that GlassWire Control Service stays between 13 to 16% CPU usage and does not seem to lower down, I tried closing GlassWire and restarting the service but it didn’t help either, changing to incognito mode did not help:

Maybe a restart would help but there are times (like at the moment) where I would not like restart just because of that :confused:


Sorry for the issue. We will try to recreate this on our end to solve it. Also, we have an update coming out probably next week.

Meanwhile we do have a “Lite” version of our app with people who use apps like Bittorrent that connect to thousands of hosts simultaneously. This Lite version doesn’t log hosts, so it will use minimal CPU and other resources.

The Lite version works with your paid versions just the same as our normal version.Introducing GlassWire Lite! | GlassWire Blog

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We have now opened up a bug report for this issue and we’re working to reproduce it. Thanks again for your report.

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