GlassWire Control Service uses over 25% of my CPU

Configuration : Windows 10 14393 Asus S56CM I7 16 GB RAM
GlasWire Version 1.2.79

GlassWire Control Service / igfxcuiservice.exe uses over 25% of my CPU.
When I start the igfxcuiservice PC only consumes 0.77% on average, but after a while, it goes up to 25%
I have uninstalled and reinstall the program Version 1.2.79 without resolving this issue.
I have been using this program for months and have never noticed this problem before today.
I am obliged to stop the service pending a solution.
Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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Your post is confusing because you mention software that is nothing to do with GlassWire.

  • igfxCUIService.exe is the Intel HD Graphics Common User Interface (CUI) Service Module. That is not a GlassWire service nor should it have any direct link to GlassWire. It is part of the software for the graphics subsystem on the system board in your computer. This program is normally found in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • GWCtlSrv.exe is the GlassWire Control Service.

So which program is using the additional memory?

Sorry, I’ve made a mistake: this is GWCtlSrv.exe
I suspect a conflict with NetcamStudio

The problem appears when I run Netcam Studio.
When I quit Netcam Studio, and I try to shut down the GlassWire service the CPU rises to 50% and the service stops with an error message that says the service can not be stopped.
I have to kill the GWCtlSrv.exe task. Then I can restart the service.
The problem reappears when I reconnect the GlassWire interface, but only if the Netcam Studio server is enabled.
NetCam Studio generates imortant video streams on the internal network. (800 Ko/s)

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In fact, the problem is systematic when I start the Netcam Studio Server and disappears after 2 or 3 minutes when I stop it.


Please email us We have a new version you can test.

If you disable GlassWire’s webcam/mic monitor does it fix it?

Thank you.
Monitor off / Netcam Studio on : 0.7% to 25%immediately
Monitir off / Netcam Studio stop or exit : 25% to 0.7% after 1 or 2 mn.
Camera and mic is not accessible on the freeware version.

Netcam Studio is a freeware.
I contacted them yesterday but I do not have an answer yet.

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Hi Ken,
You can see log on Netcam Studio here

Dump file of crash GWIdlMon.exe.


We just released an update this morning, can you try installing it with the “clean” install option and see if it solves your problem? Then if so please update that Netcam Studio thread to let them know if you don’t mind.


Thank you
I did a clean install of version 1.2.88
I thought for a moment that it worked fine but after a few minutes the same problems came back.

Please try disabling our webcam/mic monitoring feature and see if this problem continues or not.

Sorry but I have the free version off GlassWire and I can’t do it.


That’s OK, I just wanted to be sure that this setting being turned on was not causing the problem. Since you’re a free user it’s clear that this setting can’t be causing the problem and it must be something else.

We will investigate and try to figure out what’s happening.

For information, I have re-tested today
NCS v1.3.7.2 and GW 1.2.88
The problem only appears two to three minutes after the launch of NCS
GWCtlSrv.exe suddenly goes from <0.7% to 25% CPU
At the same time memory usage increases from 46,700 to 53,000 and increases slowly.
When I close NCS the GWCtlSrv.exe goes from 25% to <0.7% roughly after about two minutes.
At the same time the memory usage changes from 55,000 to 46,780

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Thanks for your report. We will test with NCS and figure out how to solve this (if we can do so on our end).

anything ever come of this?


Yes, we have released 27 new versions of GlassWire since 2016. Almost all of these GlassWire updates had some minimal optimizations, and some were almost completely redesigned to cause significant optimizations.

We also have GlassWire Lite that almost uses zero resources.

Or what specifically are you asking?