GlassWire Crash Dump Files on my Desktop

I have been noticing issues with Glasswire for this last week when booting up my System running Windows 10. Glasswire cannot connect to server and I have to reboot my computer every time for GW to work. I have 4 Dump files.

Please advise.


It’s most likely your GlassWire database was corrupted after the latest update. We have found some people with older databases are having an issue where the database is corrupted, then you will experience this type of crashing.

To solve the problem you should go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire, then reboot, then reinstall using the “clean install” option. If the issue continues please let me know.

I apologize for the problem. We changed how GlassWire’s database structure works so it is more efficient but in some cases the conversion can cause this issue.

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Hi @Ken_GlassWire, Thank you for your quick response. I was reading the Glasswire Help (FAQ) Forum that said to uninstall/clean reinstall of GW when troubleshooting. I just have never had any issues before, ever with Glasswire and felt the need to say something. I love this program and am in it for the long run. I will let you know the outcome. Much appreciated, :grinning: I will be back…

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