Glasswire Data Usage is different from what ATT is reporting ..... what am I missing?

Last month I went over my ATT 150gb data cap for the first time ever by 2gb. I was surprised and suspicious that the usage ATT was reporting was not correct so I decided to try Glasswire to monitor my Data Usage. I was hoping to limit my daily usage to 5gb/day average to prevent the overcharges. ATT’s reporting is 2-3days behind so this is all I have since I started using Glasswire… Can someone explain the discrepancy?

1 …-…6.43 …-…4.7
2…-… 7.53 …-…5.4
3 …-…6.15 …-…5.3
4…-… n/a …-… 3.1
5…-… n/a …-…4.4


Is this for Android? Could you share your device type? It will help me make some suggestions to investigate and solve the issue. Thanks!

It would be unusual for your ISP’s count to exactly match your count because they will be measuring throughput slightly differently than GlassWire. But a 20% difference is unlikely to explain this.

If you want to narrow it down further then you will need to provide more information about your setup so the extensive list of possible explanations can be reduced to a shortlist. Remember that GlassWire only records throughput for devices it is installed on.

So what is your setup?

  • What type of Internet connection, e.g. ADSL/VDSL, cable, optical fibre, wireless?
  • Do you use any gateway (to connect to the Internet) devices such as modems and routers?
  • What devices use the Internet connection, e.g. PCs, mobile phones?
  • How is each device connected wireless or wired or both?
  • How do you use your connection including do you use VPNs, proxy servers, torrents, etc?

By the way, the usual recommendation is to rely on what your ISP tells you because they don’t take any notice of anything else, e.g.

Your ISP’s tool is the best way to stay up-to-date on how much data you’re using. No matter how well you monitor your own data, your ISP will always use their own numbers to decide how much data you’ve uploaded and downloaded.
The downside of your ISP’s tool is that it may not be updated very frequently. For example, some ISP’s may update this bandwidth usage meter every day, although some may update it more frequently. Tools you use yourself can give you up-to-the-minute bandwidth usage information.

So use GlassWire to indicate your usage and check in with your ISP as you get closer to the end of the billing period.

P.S. I forgot to say that I linked to the article above because it provides instructions for other methods to check your data usage if you have Windows 8/8.1/10 or your router.

I am using Win7/64. Connected DSL via telephone line @ +/- 3Mbps(long way from Dslam). I use an ATT Netgear router to connect and use No VPNs, proxy servers, torrents, etc.
I do have a security camera, but the way I understand, it does not use or transfer data unless it is remotely accessed and that is very rare, unless it has been hacked, which I doubt. I live in a trailer and I have a phone that will only work inside if I use wi-fi calling but it is used VERY rarely. Im not a big phone user, never text or stream or even use the internet on my phone. I do have all auto updates turned off and anything else I know that updates on ‘its own’. That being said, Glasswire should ‘include’ all wi-fi data from my phone in its reports correct?
I am a new glasswire user and currently I am still using the free version. I also installed GW on my android(Note8). I want to upgrade but before I do, I must be sure I am getting reports that do not conflict, or are at least closer with what ATT is reporting, unless of course it is ATT that is mis-reporting or maybe there is something else I am not aware of.
Is there a screenshot I can include that would help diagnose the discrepancy?
Thank you for your help

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That is not what normally happens because each instance of GlassWire records the throughput for the device which it is installed on. It does not record all usage by other devices on the network.

In your case, GlassWire on your Windows computer will record all usage by that computer. It cannot see the WiFi usage of your mobile phone because the mobile phone connects to the router rather than your Windows computer. So you will have to add together the total throughput recorded on your computer and your phone.