Glasswire Data ussage is not accurate

I dont how no android users reported about this issue but I’m going to basically when I uninstalled a app from my android device glass wire said I went over my data limit this needs fixed uninstalling apps does not use any data. Please fix this bug


Sorry for the issue.

Most apps include telemetry unfortunately (besides ours) and telemetry will often use data when uninstalling.

If you feel our app is not accurate you can go to your settings and compare your Android OS data usage stats vs our own. They should match exactly.

My phone does not go off by my data plan it goes off by this

and my android is also weird its counting removed apps by users

Also this is my current data plan from glasswire


Sorry for any confusion. If you check your Android settings data usage stats do they match our own data usage stats for your plan?

Or does your phone show something different? I don’t seem to be able to see what the data count is in the phone screenshot you posted.

From the screenshots it looks like the two periods are not aligned so it is hard to say what is going on:

  • Android counts at least 73GB (62.85 + 10.38) for the period Dec. 16 to Jan. 13.
  • GlassWire counts 18.9GB from Dec. 29 to Jan 28.

It looks like an app with heavy data usage, maybe a video streaming app like YouTube, has been removed but it used a lot of data before that.

It could also be that another user account on the phone has been removed.

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Here is my phones data ussage most of it is from the removed app’s

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Thanks @Anthonyj_Durk. I was trying to compare those stats with GlassWire, are they not the same?

im on a different account but yes my android device counts removed apps from users too it must be a android bug

I figured it out the removed apps from users are how much data the device used on the apps