Glasswire defaults theme after every update


Every time glasswire updates it defaults the theme. I don’t think it defaults any other settings that i notice but is this normal? I did a search in the forums but only found one case back in 2021 where everything defaults.Thanks!

Hi @RyGull,

Could you try uninstalling and then doing a clean installation? To complete a clean installation, open the GlassWireSetup application that you can download from our website and select “Clean Install (Clear Data & Settings)” in the menu. Please let us know if you need further assistance.


I’m not sure if this is a normal behavior for GlassWire updates, but it does seem to be an issue that some users have experienced. Maybe reaching out to GlassWire’s support team or checking their documentation could provide more information on this. Hopefully, they can address the problem in a future update or provide a workaround for it.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to take note of your preferred theme settings so that you can quickly restore them after each update. It’s always a hassle when you have to redo customization settings, but hopefully, the developers can look into this and make the update process smoother.

It was a clean installation already because i reformatted but it’s honestly not a big deal because it is only the theme. Everything else remains. I figured i would just ask anyway. Thanks to both of you and take care.

Unfortunate to see I am not the only one having issues after a clean install. I’ve been using this software since 2019, but after this I’m going to cancel. I have photophobia (not a fear, but medical intolerance) and am so sick and tired of your software reverting back to the default theme after every restart. Along with you putting dark theme behind payment, that is extremely irritating for users who need it. I pay for this feature and even I can’t use it properly.

Hi @iHack,

Our team are investigating this but so far we are unable to replicate the issue. Can you confirm, what is triggering the theme change, is it updates, restarts or another action?

Please can you also confirm what license type you have, Premium, Elite, Pro or Basic, and does your app revert to the Free state or does the license remain active?

Thank you

From memory:
For me it sometimes happens after I redeploy an backup. Like redeploying the macrium reflect backup that was from 4 days ago. The Premium license is still active.

It can also be that it only changes the Theme on one account (like admin is changed while the SUA still has the right theme). But since it’s from memory I’m not 100% sure about the admin/SUA part atm.

Version 3.3.504 Glasswire Premium, Win 10 Pro 22H2

No help needed on my part I just hope it could help troubleshooting.

Hello @Katie_GlassWire ,

Version 3.3.504 - GlassWire Elite
Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2

License remains active, able to switch theme immediately. Happens after a reboot, may persist after one, but never after two. May happen even if a new application is shown to be added to the blocked firewall.

Long-standing problems for several versions with Basic and Free version.

This problem is not permanent; it occurs when I log on:

  • the setting of “Things/Threads quantity” is cancelled
  • the setting of the bottom graph sliders is cancelled