Glasswire deleting all blocked items in the windows firewall?

After I installed glasswire I noticed ALL the blocks I have in place in the windows firewall were deleted. Is this intended behavior? All allowed items were not touched.

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No, GlassWire separates its own rules under the “GlassWire” group and should not touch your other rules. What OS version are you using?

That’s weird, every time I reinstall glasswire I keep getting pop ups from the windows firewall asking if something should be allowed or blocked as if I’m running it for the first time. I’m on WIN 10 x64.

I have seen something similar when I choose to “restore defaults” with the Windows Firewall. But GlassWire does not have the ability to make your Windows Firewall restore defaults, so I am not sure how or why you are having this happen.

I guess you could uninstall GlassWire, then choose “restore defaults” with the Windows Firewall then reboot (an important step) then reinstall GlassWire as the “clean” install option and see if that helps.

Are you using any other software that works with the Windows Firewall API?

I don’t have any other firewall related software to my knowledge. I just did a test and did a reinstall of glasswire and did not choose the “restore defaults” in glasswire. My windows firewall stayed untouched. Then I chose the option to restore defaults in glasswire during a reinstall and again, my blocked items disappeared (I’m not sure if it’s also removing some allowed items as, I still have many in the list).

Strange. I will ask the development team if they have any ideas how this could happen.


You’re right, this is a bug and our team confirmed it. I apologize for the problem. We will fix it and put out an update.

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