Glasswire Discord?

Is there any chance there will be a glasswire Discord so fans can communicate and interact with staff and other members?


Thanks for your feedback. We’ll discuss the idea.

Thanks that’s all I was hoping for

Can Discord rooms be accessed through the web, or do our customers have to download Discord?

It can be accessed through the web as well the client is optional. Though they have to make a discord account other than that all they need is an invite link discord can generate from the server itself that will connect them to it directly ^^

you may not be aware that there are Discord integrations for Discourse that may be useful. I think the Discourse team use Slack; they certainly give it better support - although Slack isn’t exactly the same as Discord:

And here is some useful context for deciding whether to use chat and whether to integrate it with this forum:

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I suggest (It’s very popular in the Open Source community but I don’t think it’s required to be OS)

It’s lightweight, web based and supports a lot of different authentication methods (e.g. Twitter, etc.)

It doesn’t have all the cutting edge features but it’s perfect for casual chatting like GlassWire would need.

It can also be embedded into a website as you can see on (“Open Chat”).

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I use Discord and love it as well, could be nice :smiley:

Discord is extremely popular among most people, I like open source though it’s niche where discord is extremely common. For example ant lion the company that makes the mod mic has a discord server. They talk with the community, host polls, and help users with any issues they might face.

130 million plus Discord users would be many people but definitely is not most people. Email has about 4 billion email and Facebook over 2 billion.

I would use it but so far there has been no application of Discord that adds value to my life.

Of course Facebook and email have more users they’ve been around far longer and have completely different uses. Discords voice chat is something that can really help users communicate and better socialize. Also it will be great for quick responses to users. It’s free and it runs very well even in a web browser

You appear to miss my point. I was refuting your gross exaggeration. You are enthusiastic for most people to use Discord, but that doesn’t mean that most people are enthusiastic to use it. Discord is not extremely popular among most people. I only used Facebook and email as examples to show the sort of numbers Discord would have to have to become most people.

Discord has its profitable uses but I’d be surprised if chatting with Glasswire users will be one of them. If the majority of Glasswire users were also Discord users then that could be a good reason. But I bet that they are not. And the Glasswire user community is probably not active enough to warrant it - unlike gaming, publishing and social media organisations that are always looking for channels to connect with more users.

The best reason for the Glasswire team to use Discord will probably be if it helps them to develop their software. That would then reduce the marginal cost of extending it to user chat or user support. But even then I’d be surprised if it is the best product for them to use.

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I understand your point and agree to an extent I did not mean most people in the world use Discord literally. A lot of people I know use it. And quite a few companies and I just believe it would be beneficial. I did not want this to turn into a full-on breakdown of which service would be best. I just want a way to communicate with the community in voice and with staff because I love this program and what it offers. I also believe the community has a lot of potential to bring great ideas together. The platform is free there is no downside to having it. So I don’t see a point in not having some non text exclusive platform.

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