GlassWire does not work really without Windows FireWall


I had to buy Glasswire in a rush (Windows Firewall crashed and irretrievable)

Of course, it does not work as it should as it piggy backs on Windows FireWall but this is not mentioned on the landing page of the site

I’ve only just discovered this by using trying to use the product and then reading on the forum

So I’ve already asked for a full refund.

What do you think they will say?

Not a super first post on the forum, I know, but frankly, what a waste of money. GlassWire does describe itself as a FireWall but it is more an add-on for a “real” Firewall.


The Windows Firewall API is used by over a billion Windows users world-wide including information security professionals, and IT pros. Would you trust someone to disable that firewall and replace it with unknown and untested technology?

We would not, and that’s why we chose to use the Windows Firewall API for GlassWire.

The blocking part of GlassWire is a tiny part of the application. Most people are excited about GlassWire because is visualizes their network activity and reveals suspicious app activity. One of the first people to download our software found malware their antivirus had completely missed, and this was completely unrelated to the Windows Firewall API.

I see no email from you? You can contact us privately here with your order information. Please don’t post your private order info to the forum, thanks.

Also you said the Windows Firewall crashed and is unusable. This is easy to fix. Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults” then reboot your PC.

Another nice thing about the Windows Firewall API is that even if the third party app using it is killed, the firewall can still block. Third party firewall applications can’t usually claim that ability. Also our firewall continues to work on startup before GlassWire even starts. Most other firewalls can’t do that either.


The idea is honestly not to argue for the sake of it. You have already refunded me and I’m grateful.
On fixing Windows Firewall, it is irretrievable as it said itself when I even tried running commands for it to reinstall itself using commands taken from sites

Other simpler solutions don’t work as it will not even load into the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security Snap in tool (and is greyed out in Services too).

So something has knackered it completely

On the other point, I feel that you have to describe the product correctly on your site or at least give people a warning that it won’t fully work without Windows Firewall.

I take your point that GlassWire gives an improved interface and functionality but without Windows Firewall working…

Anyway, thanks again for the refund


If your computer OS is operating so poorly that Windows Firewall will not operate, it is unsafe to use your computer. You should reinstall Windows

In over 16 million installs of GlassWire I don’t recall anyone saying that their OS was so badly messed up they could not use Windows Firewall at all. Very weird.

Please reinstall Windows if anything on your computer has any value at all.

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I don’t use Windows firewall, rather a third-party firewall. GlassWire works fine.

Separately, have you looked into SFC /scannow or DISM to restore Windows - assuming it is a reasonable new version of Windows?

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Definitely tried a series of commands with SFC /scannow but that did not work. Aslo tried a repair bat file.

thanks anyway for your answer

Here is how to do a clean install of Windows 10 for anyone who has interest.

Would you trust someone to disable that firewall and replace it with unknown and untested technology?

We would not…

I am confused… YOu don’t trust yourselves???
…and you expect someone else to trust you!!!

If I am satisfied with windows firewall, why would I buy any other product for the same job??

anyway, thanks for the insight, will uninstall glasswire ASAP…



We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking. We don’t remove the Windows Firewall or replace it in any way and never have.

The Windows Firewall API is unlikely to be incompatible with other apps, and it can block even if GlassWire is not running. For example when your PC is booting up before GlassWire starts the rules you made with our firewall are still intact. Another nice thing about the API we use is that it uses pretty much zero resources.

Sorry for any confusion if you thought we disabled something in Windows. We don’t do that and never have.

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