GlassWire Doesn't Remember Previous Data

I have been using GlassWire for a few months, but recently I noticed that it isn’t able to display usage data prior to the last boot.
I know it used to do this. Is there a setting I’m missing?
(Windows 10 64-bit Home Version 10240)

Are you using are most recent version? Please try reinstalling and let me know if you’re still seeing the problem.

Yes, using Version 1.1.41b, but I uninstalled it, downloaded the version again and same results.
No memory of data prior to the most recent boot.

Actually, it is the usage data that is not remembered.
Alerts and network discoveries go back a couple of months to the date I first installed.

That the bug I have experienced too in the previous version’s and it will be fixed in the new version the new version will be coming soon so wait a little…and don’t worry It will be worth the wait

@jep want to join our testing list? Please email our helpdesk with “testing list” in the subject.

The frustrating thing is that the free version of Glasswire that I have on my 2nd computer works fine, it is just the paid version on my main computer that only tracks data since the last boot.

Do you use a third party software that says it will speed up your computer or something like this? Sometimes those products delete our database to “make your computer work better.” :frowning:

No third party “speed up” software.
I do use Kaspersky virus protection.
Funny thing is, it was working and then just stopped remembering previous data.

Strange. Would you like to join our testing group? GlassWire Testing Group - Want to join?

@JEP, Maybe Kaspersky needs the app to be added as an exception? I actually had to shut off the ESET Network protection as well as add an exception to avoid these types of scenarios.

It could be possible that one of the Kaspersky database updates decided to flag a process by GW, not sure why it would happen, but as I stated… I had a similar issue with ESET, however; this was related to the Network protection feature.

Merely a thought…

I double checked Kaspersky. GlassWire (identified as SecureMix) is a recognized application by Kaspersky and all components are marked as Trusted.

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Our next update has a redesigned database. I have a feeling it will solve this for you. The update should be out this month or early next.

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