Glasswire dosen't block all the trafic

I have the following problem. I use Glasswire to block software from accessing the internet. So after I have denied the internet access to them, in the usage tab I have found that there is tra

fic on this software. How is possible?


Sorry for the issue.

On our Firewall window are you in “Ask to connect” mode? Have you always been in that mode?

Do you have any other firewall software installed that could conflict with ours?

We use the Windows Firewall API to block, so it means that GlassWire will block even when it’s killed or hasn’t started yet when the PC is booting up.

Hi, I’m using “ask to connect” setting. From the image attach is there any internet traffic?. I understand wrong

I attach an image where it can bee seen that the software is blocked but in the bandwidth is still internet traffic, Am I wrong?

I don’t use other firewalls

i make a check of windows firewall and is running, it hasn’t been shut down, it should this be a problem?


Maybe a past app has interfered with your Windows Firewall API. I recommend uninstalling GlassWire, rebooting, then going to the Windows Firewall control panel and choosing “restore defaults”.

Next install GlassWire again and choose “reset firewall”.

You may want to wait one day to do this because we’ll have an update out tomorrow anyway.