GlassWire Driver causes BSOD (Bluescreen of Death) Version 3.3.664

After installing Glasswire Pro Trial Period, my Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2 crashes multiple times with BSOD (Bluescreen of Death) causing data los and result into file system corruption.

I found the reason was Glasswire!
Glasswire Firewall is disabled. Just using for Traffic Statistics.

Driver or module in which error occurred: [gwdrv.sys]([gwdrv+0x1BFE]
File path: gwdrv.sys
Description: GlassWire Driver
Product: [GlassWire]
Company: [SecureMix LLC]
Bug check description: The kernel has detected the corruption of a critical data structure.
Analysis: A third party driver was identified as the root cause of this system error.
It is suggested you remove the following driver:
gwdrv.sys (GlassWire Driver, SecureMix LLC).

Please let me know, when you made an update that resolves the GlassWire Driver causes the whole system to crash.

Hi @WireShark,

The driver has been rebuilt and we are just waiting for a confirmed release date after testing.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.


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Finally after 6 months of waiting…

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Please confirm when the driver bug fix release got released.

Glasswire again caused my Windows Enterprise to crash and was the source of data loss.
Because this unreliable experience that the unstable Glasswire Software caused, I deinstalled glasswire from my Laptop and Desktop Computer to prevent further data loss.

Hi @WireShark,

Sorry that this continues to effect you! We received some great news a couple of days ago from Windows regarded the digital signature we need from them in order to release the new driver. Now we are able to do final testing and I’m confident that we should be able to release in the next few weeks.

Thank you for the Quick response, I’m looking forward for the next release.

I do understand digital signature is required driver s In Windows

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