Glasswire dumping dmp files on my desktop

Glasswire seems to be dumping GWIdlMon.exe.ABCDE.dmp files on my desktop every few minutes. The files are ~71mb each.

I can see there was a discussion about this earlier but that one ended abruptly.

Please advice on how to fix this or lemme know if you need more information.


Are you using our latest software? We will have an update out on Monday that should also solve this for the people having this issue.

Do you use Nahimic software?


Yes, I am using the latest version and no I am not using ‘Nahimic’.
In the other discussion, most people with similar issue were also not using ‘Nahimic’ if I recall correctly.

Looking forward to this new update. :slight_smile:


Upon rechecking, it seems that my Alienware Sound Center has a feature ‘Audio Recon’ which seems to be based on this ‘Nahimic’. Although I don’t use this exclusively, the DLLs for ‘Nahimic’ are indeed present in my system.

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In case you need the dumps, I’ve uploaded a few of them:


In this case our update on Monday should solve this for you.

Same happened to me yesterday. Service crashed and couldn’t be restarted. Version 1.2.96. Could this be related to this Anti-Virus Vendors Scramble To Patch Hijacking Exploit Involving Microsoft Tool (on Slashdot, I can’t post links as new user) ? I’m a bit worried. And I’m not using Nahimic software.


The story is here and no it is not related to this problem.

GlassWIre is not an antivirus, so it does not run with the same dangerous privilege levels that antivirus software does. When we made GlassWire we tried to design it in a way so it would have no or limited ability to do harm on its own. We do pay bounties for real security issues

For the crashing it has to do with how certain software interacts with GlassWire. Firefox has a similar problem with Nahimic and they changed their software to block it if I remember correctly and we do the same.

I think Nahimic released an update, so our software stopped blocking them so the crashes returned.

Nahimic is a nice company and they have contacted us in the past to try to help.