Glasswire Elite - Do I transfer my old code to the new system?

I noticed that GW has updated their licensing system and as a user with the older code, I was wondering if when I make a GW account will my license also transfer to the new system.

If so then what changes would I be looking at? Will I have to log into all of my computers that use GW or can I still use the activation code to activate GW? Also, will I be able to manage my activations/deactivations myself?

Hi @Frack,

If you have a legacy activation code (Basic, Pro & Elite) there is no need for you to create an account to use the latest version of GlassWire. Users are still able to use legacy license codes to upgrade version 3 of GlassWire the same way as V2. And yes, you can still manage your activations / deactivations yourself, the same way you do in GlassWire V2.

However, if you do wish to create an account, you can log in to this account across all devices and you will see a list of these devices within the Management Console along with the license status.



Thanks, I appreciate your response Katie! It gave me the confidence to associate my systems to my online account. :slight_smile:

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