GlassWire Elite renewal

I have a GlassWire Elite subscription that is coming up for renewal next month. I used PayPal as a payment method when I subscribed last year. What will happen on the renewal day? Will it renew my Elite subscription automatically or do I have to cancel the (cleverbridge) automatic payment from my PayPal account and resubscribe to one of your new plans?

Hi @yassin,

The decision is up to you.

Legacy licenses (Elite, Pro and Basic) will continue to be valid and supported on future versions of GlassWire.

However, if you would like to switch to our new Premium license, then the process would be to firstly cancel the auto renewal of the Elite subscription via Cleverbridge, and then purchase the new licenses when your Elite license expires.


How to know the amount that will be deducted from my credit card on renewal? There’s no indication on the PayPal Cleverbridge renewal agreement that shows how much the renewal will be.

Hi @yassin,

It is a yearly subscription costing the same amount every year. The cost should be confirmed on your receipt from cleverbridge. But if not, please email into and our support team will be able to advice the amount.