Glasswire.exe & GWCtlSrv.exe do not persist

Does the firewall protection continue or does it drop out when the some relevant .exe is killed?

In TaskMan, generally I would see:

  • app: GlassWire.exe
  • background: GWIdlMon.exe = glasswire computer idle monitor
  • background: GWCtlSrv.exe = glasswire control service

Which of these (if any) is the actual firewall?

web systemexplorer does not help me

  • Is glasswire.exe simply the UI? It does not recover if killed.
  • GWIdlMon.exe does restart if it is killed or fails.
  • GWCtlSrv.exe does not recover if killed. The service can be re-started.

Whichever is killed, the monitor icon in the notification area continues to be shown. It seems possible this is not indicating the true status, which would be giving a false impression. (Windows 10)

Sometimes I also see the all the .exe runnning, but the icon has vanished.

I was curious because I have sometimes noticed glasswire drop out & stop working in the early hours. I’m not sure why, but I notice it’s gone, and I have not been notified of any failure as I would hope.

(The failure may be due to some other program such as a cleaner, rather than malware, but still I would like to be notified whe glasswire is stopped.)

Small note: incognito state does not persist when the service is restarted - but that is a separate question.

What I would like:

  • the firewall to continue to function always, to restart components if killed unless stopped in an orderly manner.
  • to be notified if the firewall does fail, with advice to restart if not
  • for incognito status to persist (over restarts, indeed)


GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API, so it continues to block when it’s not running and it continues to block when you upgrade between versions.

We will work on making “Incognito” stay on between restarts, etc… thanks for your feedback.

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GlassWire now remembers Incognito mode on restart. Go to to download the update.


Yippee :rofl::sunglasses:

(Just returned to email after a couple of days to find the good news.)

Here’s a thought: when there’s an update, could it be made to appear in ‘alerts’?
Then we’d know.

Now to get it to autostart with a skip_uac…

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@methuzla, Great idea. I second that.

How about Glasswire updating itself?

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