Glasswire feature ideas

I’ve been using Glasswire for a while and have some things I think might be neat to have.

  • Set network traffic for a new app to be blocked if a set threshold of VirusTotal results flag as malicious

For instance, potentially create a threshold that the user can change, and that app will be blocked/denied network access if it is met. So, let’s say I set my threshold to 7, if an app flags malicious for 7 AVs on VirusTotal the app is auto blocked. Additionally, potentially set an auto-kill for the process if this threshold is met.

  • Create per-app IP/URL connection rules

I’m really baffled that Glasswire, as a firewall, doesn’t have this feature. Really just thinking that this could be a setting like any other firewall where you can block specific IPs or URLs from being accessed by specific apps, instead of an app either being blanketed allowed or denied network access.

  • PCAP Capture

This feature would allow you to right-click any app and create/dump a PCAP capture, which would be much more useful and insightful than the current display of information.

  • Plot IPs onto a map

This feature would be exactly like Little Snitch on OSX, where IPs would be plotted onto a map and you can see inbound/outbound connections. I think it’d be cool to go a step further and allow you to filter specific app(s) and only see those specific app connections on the map. Looking at the netflow data in Glasswire, it looks like geolocation data is already populated so it would just be a matter of sticking them on a map (probably much harder to implement than I’m stating :smiley: )

That’s all for now. Really love this tool but I think these features would really enhance the capabilities for the power users out there.

Thanks for your feedback and these cool ideas! I will share them with our team.